Cavan's largest Pet Shop

We have rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils and hamsters. Call in to have a look!

We stock a wide range of both hot and cold water fish.

We supply snakes and tortoises. We can also order in animals if we do not have them in stock.

We have a range of birds including canaries, finches and budgies

We supply a range of cat and dog food, including special offers on Science Plan.



We supply pet accessories such as collars and leads. We also have a range of toys and treats.

We stock a range of shampoos and conditioners for cats and dogs.

We also have doggy deodorant!

We have bedding for hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs.



We have a selection of beds for cats and dogs as well as scratch posts for cats



We supply accessories for reptiles such as lamps and bulbs



We have a range of fish food